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The Story of how Prestyn’s Wine bar came about began many years ago! When my husband and I met we were tired of the bar scene. So, we decided to try new places. The wineries always intrigued us. We enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and being able to enjoy drinks with friends and family as they are open to all ages!


We decided to convert and old barn on our property of our first home together into a wine tasting space. We enjoyed a few years of hosting parties there but decided we were ready for more. We ended up buying a beautiful home and putting our dreams of a wine bar to the side to raise our twin girls. As they got older, I told my husband U was ready to try again at achieving our dreams. We went all in and sold everything we owned and bought a golf course. Not part of the plan and we had no clue what we were doing. But we could see potential to create a place for friends and families that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the area. It gave us the space to grow and had the perfect old brick building for a wine bar.


We dove in headfirst and learned everything we could about golf. We put our heart and soul into bringing the course back to life. After a year, its flourishing.


We always knew we wanted our wine bar to carry amazing wines from around the world while offering the family atmosphere we had been searching for. 


At Prestyn’s you can choose to set inside or out on one of our patios. We have live music events on our back patio and games that are great for everyone. If you’re worried about the kids being bored, the wine bar backs up to our mini golf course and batting cages. We also have a driving range with 26 bays where you can practice your golf swings on mats, grass or in the covered barn. Don’t forget about Copper Hill! It’s a 9-hole par 3 golf course that’s perfect for everyone of any age or ability! If you’re hungry…. we have a small menu to order from to accompany your favorite wines, whiskies, mixed drinks, beer, or wine slushies!


Prestyn’s is names after our twin girls Presleigh and Tynleigh! They love walking around and greeting people just as much as my husband, myself, and our entire staff! Everyone on our team wants to make sure that when you visit us at Prestyn’s and Copper Hill that you have a great and memorable experience!


The Kendall Family

Brandon, April, Presleigh and Tynleigh


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